Ode to the Mother

Duration: 6’06”
Video performance

Fuck is one of the most frequently used swear verb. Combined with the noun “mother” gets the context of universal to swear often used at Balkan and wider. “Ode to the Mother” is a performance in which I ironically pay tribute to the apathetic society I am a part of. During the performance, I am doing the act of swearing the mother constantly changing the content of the swear. Each next swear is automatically canceled with a laugh that progressively culminates until it becomes saturated. Swearer, as the main actor, attacks not merely the individual but also the essence of the society mercilessly imposing his totalitarian status. Identifying a mother with society, I am trying to change the context of social norms with laughing. Aggressive or not, swear creates some kind of invisible charge between the swearer and the environment that tends to escalate into something more. The act of swearing is often disproved by the origin of obscene. Swear from the mouth of the swearer becomes the universal metaphor for oppressing the social participants of the present.