Hellp Me Kitty


The paradoxical response to the traumatic syndrome of enjoying a television spectacle as a relation to the life of the anxious community.


15th June – 15th July 2018
Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska
Group Exhibition

Within the stairs that make red curtain on the floor is shown a video work in which I perform the act of carving the grass. Hands and grass are establishing an active relationship that carries an indefinite potential. The work, on the one hand, sees the socialist ideology and its impact on the emergence and preservation of cultural heritage of a time. On the other hand, with this work, I want to show the depth of perception of this ideology and give a man the power to decide on his own presence.

Human Shield

Video Performance
Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska

As a reaction to the potential danger of an earthquake, I want to keep the museum as a physical but also as an institutional facility from destruction in any way even with my bare hands.

Ode to the Mother

Duration: 6’06”
Video performance

Fuck is one of the most frequently used swear verb. Combined with the noun “mother” gets the context of universal to swear often used at Balkan and wider. “Ode to the Mother” is a performance in which I ironically pay tribute to the apathetic society I am a part of. During the performance, I am doing the act of swearing the mother constantly changing the content of the swear. Each next swear is automatically canceled with a laugh that progressively culminates until it becomes saturated. Swearer, as the main actor, attacks not merely the individual but also the essence of the society mercilessly imposing his totalitarian status. Identifying a mother with society, I am trying to change the context of social norms with laughing. Aggressive or not, swear creates some kind of invisible charge between the swearer and the environment that tends to escalate into something more. The act of swearing is often disproved by the origin of obscene. Swear from the mouth of the swearer becomes the universal metaphor for oppressing the social participants of the present.


Artist’s undershirt covered with the red acrylic

Living on the Edge

Video of making concrete
Duration: 16”

I Want to Keep Quiet

15 acrylic paintings on the cardboard


6th June 2017
Performance,Duration 39’
16th annual student exhibition
The Academy of Arts, Banja Luka

Performance 39 is set outside the comfort zone, while I am randomly pronouncing words and writing them down within 39 minutes I am trying to map and make mental images of the past. The reaction is personal and it is attempt to detect and create new paradigms of the existence.


6th June 2017
Photo installation, 25 photos 25x25cm
16th annual student exhibition
The Academy of Arts, Banja Luka

The “Cycle” consists of 25 white photos which are photographs of previously taken photographs made every hour within 24 hours which rounds one cycle. This work is a metaphorical view of the social and physical reproduction of the present and the whole of humanity. I am constantly asking the question about continuous and controlled reproduction, which carries the “code” of its own time and even small changes that contain.